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📈 Best Crypto Exchange

Ask any crypto veteren what exchange is best and chances are they will all say Binance! That’s not very surprising seeing that Binance is home to a proverbial buffet of 100’s of altcoins, offers the best liquidity and damn reasonable trading fees.

However, spot market trading is not all that Binance has to offer. They also offer an exciting NFT marketplace where you can trade some of the top NFT collections. So, if you want to ratchet up your exposure to the more exotic segments of the crypto markets, then this might be of interest to you.

Still not sure about Binance? Well, I have been able to secure an exclusive deal with the chaps at Binance. Sign up using my link and you’ll get a 20% discount on trading fees.

                                  Step 1️⃣ – Register using my link

Step 2️⃣ – Deposit

              Step 3️⃣ – Start Trading

Getting Started

Seriously guys, if you are going to stay in crypto for any length of time, then chances are you are going to need a Binance account at some point. So, why not get the best possible Binance deal whilst you are at it? 

For those that have already got a Binance account and want to get the deal, well you might be able to create a new one with a different email address.

1. Sign Up To Binance

Enter your email and password in the account creation form and click ‘create account’.

2. Deposit

Once logged in, click your profile button in the top right corner and click on your partial email from the dropdown. This will direct you to your account area. Then click the deposit button next to your balance details. This will take you to the deposit page. Then simply decide what asset you want to deposit and click the deposit button for it. You’ll then be generated a unique deposit address. Just send your crypto to that address to get your funds on the exchange.

3. Trade


Navigate to the Binance home page and click that ‘view more markets’ button. This will bring up all the trading pairs available on Binance. Select your trading pair, trade an enjoy that 20% trading discount!




FREE $10 Terms & Conditions

1️⃣ The 7 day period will be for both registration and the competition of the task. i.e. the first 7 days is 2021-06-23 15:50 UTC to 2021-06-30 15:50 UTC, then a user has to register within this period with the ref code, secondly, complete the task within this period to be qualified.

2️⃣ Binance will select the first 700 users. Prior to doing so, we will ensure there’s no evidence showing it is a batch register or there’s any fraud behaviour. Binance reserve the right to disqualify these user.

3️⃣ Once the winner is confirmed, the $10 is sent to them within 14 days.

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