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My Top Crypto Deals 🤑

There are too many choices in the Cryptoverse. I won’t lie; I’ve wasted many days of my life trying out different platforms, wallets, tax solutions and crypto cards. That’s all been done so you don’t have to.

I thought it would be useful to share the best crypto tools I personally use right now. 

Also, I’ve also been able to negotiate an exclusive deal or two to ensure you guys get the best value possible 🥳 

🛒 My Merch Store

I hate YouTube ads and I am sure you do too. Even worse, scammers buy that YouTube ad space to promote their dodgy giveaways. That is why I have never switched on those YouTube ads.

I am going to level with you, creating all this crypto content is super expensive. Losing all that ad revenue does really hit my pocket book. So, I decided to open up my new merch store selling exclusive Coin Bureau merch to allow you guys to support my work on YouTube. 

I plan to use any proceeds from this to continue improving the quality of my content!

Right now, I am designing and adding new t-shirts to the store. However, if this works out, I’ll certainly be looking to add new products like hoodies.

👉 Check out the coolest merch in crypto!

🖥️ New Emerging Asset Class

Did you miss out on buying all those hot .com domains in the 1990s and miss the boat on making a fortune? 

The good news is that there is now a new opportunity and that is blockchain domains. Here records are stored on a blockchain. That means no one can take that website down. They also replace crypto addresses with a human readable name. So, you might be able to send me crypto to an address like Guy.crypto.

The way I like to think about domain names is that they are online real estate. If you are sitting on that hot domain that someone else needs to have, then you can certainly charge them a pretty penny.  

Don’t believe me that there is a ton of money in domains? Well, sold for a whopping $345 million.

If you want exposure to this new emerging class, then you can do all that on Unstoppable Domains. Here you can get those highly sought after .Zil and .Crypto domains.

👉 Create an Unstoppable Domains account & find those hidden gems!

📺 Want to learn all about blockchain domains or start your domain-flipping side hustle? Then you gotta watch my video on that!

👑 Crypto Exchange King

Binance is firmly established as the go-to place to pick up that hot altcoin you might have found out about. Put simply, the exchange has one of the best ranges of altcoins out there and the best liquidity.

So, if you are the type of chap that doesn’t want to mess around with many different exchange accounts, then Binance is probably going to be the exchange for you. 

Since its launch in July 2017, Binance has risen to become the king of cryptocurrency exchanges. Even better, I’ve been able to get you guys an exclusive sign up deal. So, if you’re interested in an exclusive 20% trading discount then you might want to sign up now!

👉 Sign up to the king of crypto exchanges!

📈 Best NEW Crypto Exchange is most well-known for their amazing crypto cards. However, that’s not stopped them from dabbling in the crypto exchange game. 

Launched in November 2019, the exchange quickly became immensely popular due to their Syndicate promotions. Here you can get crypto at a staggering 50% OFF. Now, I am not talking about 50% off a random shitcoin. How about getting 50% off the likes of BTC or Chainlink?

Around 30 cryptos are listed on the exchange and there are a plethora of other promotions like a 2% deposit bonus, a $200k trading promo and trading discounts up to 90%!

👉 Sign up & get access to the best exchange promos

📺 Not sure yet? Why not watch my dedicated video on the exchange and see if it’s right for you!

🤖 Best Crypto Trading Bot

Fed up with going to bed and waking up only to discover that you have missed a huge market move and an amazing trading opportunity? Or do you want to follow signals made by people who eat, sleep and drink crypto trading? 

Well, you can do all that, backtest your trading strategy and more with 3Commas. Over 120,000 crypto traders are using this bot and it executes more than $60 million in volume per day.

👉 Sign up for your FREE trial and get 50% off – For a limited time only.

📺 Watch my dedicated trading bot video and see if 3Commas is for you.

Why not automate your crypto trading with the best tool on the market? 


💳 Best Crypto Visa Card

Ever wondered how you can spend your crypto easily? What you have been searching for is a crypto Visa card. 

When it comes to actually delivering a crypto Visa card, many projects have tried and almost all of them have failed. However, is one of the few card providers that have pulled through. 

I’ve actually got myself a Ruby card by staking 2500 CRO (~$195). I can get my tokens back later on and I get a 2% cashback + FREE Spotify perk with this card. 

👉 Want to join me and get a Ruby Card? Sign up through my link and get $25 FREE.  Code: coinbureau

📺 Want to assess your options & learn more about Just watch my dedicated review. 

📺 Ultimate guide to the best crypto cards compared.

🔒 Best Crypto Wallet

The worst nightmare of any crypto hodler is waking up one day only to discover your coins have been stolen. The truth is that free wallets are simply not as secure as hardware wallets. 

That’s why if you want to take your crypto security seriously you should think about getting a Trezor hardware wallet. Over 1000+ coins are supported and in my book Trezor’s provide the best crypto security out there on the market right now. 

👉 Get the most secure crypto wallet now. 


🤑 Earn Crypto Interest

How much interest does your bank pay you? I bet it is less than 1%. That meagre rate is certainly nothing to get excited about.

However, did you know that you can earn up to 21.49% interest on your crypto at Celsius? That’s pretty incredible and the perfect solution for crypto hodlers to earn extra returns on that crypto they are holding. 

👉 Deposit $200 On Celsius & Get $20 FREE (use code: 154394a3e9)

📺 Want to learn more on Celsius? Watch my dedicated video!


🎲 Best Crypto Casino

Looking to get adrenaline pumping at a crypto casino? Well, you can get all that by hitting the slots or live casino games at BitStarz. 

New players get:

💥 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5 BTC (40x wager)

💥 Up to 55 FREE spins 

💥 €15K in weekly exclusive promos

💥 50% reload bonuses

Oh yeah, and you can deposit with BTC, BCH, LTC or ETH.

👉 Create a BitStarz account & grab those new player perks now! 

💵 Buy Crypto With  $/€/£

Thinking about dipping your toes into the crypto waters? Well, you’ll need to get some using that USD, EUR or GBP and that means using a crypto exchange that accepts fiat deposits.

Kraken is one of the most highly respected exchanges out there and offers you one of the widest ranges of crypto/fiat trading pairs. So, if you are new to crypto what are you waiting for?

👉 Buy crypto the easy way with USD, EUR & GBP. 

🎉 My Telegram Stickers

Let’s face it; chances are that you use Telegram. After all, that’s where all those crypto project communities seem to chat. 

A wise man once said that a picture says a thousand words. I don’t think he is wrong there given the number of Telegram stickers flying around in those crypto groups.

I’ve personally been an admirer of a ton of Telegram stickers for a while now and recently I thought to myself ‘why not make my own?’. So, I have gone ahead and done that and designed a cool new sticker pack with my own fair hands.

Use them to save yourself typing a thousand words on Telegram and see who is a real Coin Bureau supporter!

👉 Check out my FREE animated sticker pack


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Take it easy for now and I look forward to seeing you on YouTube very soon.

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